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Fuel & Lubricant supply

Globla Bunker Trading

The group began worldwide bunker trading in 2007. The team was established by a group of experts in the marine industry, consisting of advisors and traders with long established, world-wide relationships with major oil corporations, bunkers, shipping operators, and petroleum refineries.

Today Fuel Trade markets and supplies marine fuel and lubricants to vessels in approximately 1,800 ports around the globe. The company offers fueling services to ocean going and a range of coastal vessels, including oil tankers, container ships, drybulk carriers, cruise ships, reefers, LNG/LPG carriers, car carriers, and ferries, as well as to marine fuel traders, brokers, and other end-users of marine fuel and lubricants.

Conventional Fuels

Heating Oil
Jet Fuel
Marine Diesel Oil
Marine Gas Oil
Residual Marine Fuel Oil
Synthetic Crude
Winterized Diesel

Renewable Fuels

Renewable Diesel

Lubes & Specialty

Deicing Fluid
Feedstock & Blending Components

Other Specialty Products

Fuel Performance Support

Additive Treatment Programs
Fuel Blending
Fuel & Lubes Quality Control
Lubrication Performance Services

Access our Daily Price Report where we provide clients with the daily opening prices in ports across the globe.

Access our Marine Fuel Specs that we offer to our clients worldwide

Customized Fuel Management Solutions

Fuel Management means you get to focus on what you do best while we handle the many challenges of sourcing an delivering fuel. We use our many years of industry experience to build a custom fuel purchasing strategy that allows you to better manage costs, operations and budgets. With our ability to purchase fuel in large quantities we can leverage our relationships with suppliers to obtain favourable prices and save you money.

We can supply a complete line of mineral and synthetic marine lubricants. We offer the products your fleet's engines and equipment need to perform reliably and operate efficiently. In addition, we can offer synthetic lubricants to help improve performance benefits and economic advantages for marine equipment operating at higher temperatures and under more stress

Access our Lube Oil Equivalents to find a provide that fits your needs.

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Fuel Trade subsidiaries are approved and listed with all major producers and refineries.  The company leverages its business relationships with these major producers and refineries to distribute oil and refined product on a much greater scale. i.e. per vessel shipments of 35k – 100k tons.

Together with its business partners in the industry Fuel Trade is a key solution provider for all of our clients’ cargo shipping needs. The company’s also offers agency services, insurance, and risk management solutions for all of our clients.

Through Fuel Trade subsidiaries, we provide physical bunkering and cargo transportation services, focusing on safety, environmental protection, efficiency and reliability. The group also offers agency vessel services and logistics to the major global oil and bunker traders.

Fuel Trade International Inc.

2700 Matheson Blvd E Suite 101 West Tower,

Mississauga, ON CA L4W 4V9


Tel: 1-416-313-2912
Fax: 1-416-214-2043